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About Us

Who We Are

For over 20 years, Yurts of America has been hand crafting the finest quality custom yurts as alternatives to traditional camping & housing structures. We take great pride in manufacturing our yurts for all walks of life, from the quiet family retreat, to the high-impact world of commercial campgrounds...our yurts will fit any need, any time, any place!

Perfect for:

  • Art Studio
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Hunting Lodge
  • Man Cave
  • Permanent Homes
  • Vacation Home
  • And Many More!

We began building lightweight yurts for social re-enactment groups in 1989, after a fierce storm at an event destroyed every person's camping tents, and left the only yurt there unharmed. After seeing the ability yurts have to repel even the harshest environmental conditions, YoA founder Ken Lawrence had found a passion to dedicate his wood crafting skills & career too.


After several years of building and tweaking his business, Ken brought on successful local businessman Jerry E. Ritchie to help Yurts of America continue to grow in 2007. Since that time, YoA has continued to expand and has been labeled as "The Best Kept Secret in the Yurt Industry". We hope with the support of our friends and fans, we can continue to grow until we're the #1 Yurt manufacturer in the United States...and beyond!


Incredible Value

Cost Effective Pricing

Easy Transportation

Easy Construction & Moveability

Simple Solution

Easy & Simple Living

High Grade Lumber

Certified 99% Knot-free Lumber

What is a Yurt

A yurt is a portable, fabric-covered, wood lattice-framed structure that incorporates the architectural principals of compression & tension to create a remarkably sturdy structure that uses minimal materials. Yurts were originally designed and used by nomadic groups of Central Asia, often being attributed to the Mongols or Turks. Our yurts are a modernization of this ancient design, and incorporate treated & milled woods, as well as industrial-grade vinyl fabric exteriors. We've maintained the "spirit" and "tradition" in respecting the principals of the original design, while improving the materials, to create a modern yurt that accommodates a wider variety of uses and needs.

See Our Tiny Houses:

The Monon Trail

Length: 20 ft

Price range: Starting from $9,198

The McCormick Creek

Length: 24 ft

Price range: Starting from $10,743 +

The Spring Hill

Length: 30 ft

Price range: Starting from $13,596+