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Why Choose Us


All of our yurts are made with the finest of certified Poplar lumber available. Our unique lattice walls are made with furniture grade finish cut poplar (99% knot-free) and rounded on all surfaces.  We ensure each piece meets our strict standards.  We don’t use it if it's not perfect.



The Monon Trail

Our yurts are a great bang for your buck. It cost about 50% less than the conventional cabins and has the fastest and the easiest construction time. So you get your dream place sooner to enjoy!

  • Custom Options Available
  • Includes Duro-last 15 Year Warranty
  • Made with certified knot-free lumber 
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The McCormick Creek

Yurts are a great solution for anyone looking for Tiny Living. Our Yurts can be used year round and offers a great economical solution.

  • Custom Options Available
  • Includes Duro-last 15 Year Warranty
  • Made with certified knot-free lumber  
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The Spring Hill

All our models are made with the best quality and certified lumber. We set strict standards for all our products. We don't use any material if it is not perfect!

  • Custom Options Available
  • Made with certified 99% knot-free lumber
  • Includes 15 year Warranty
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About Us


Q:What is a yurt?

Yurts are most popular as an affordable home that is fairly easy and quick to set up. Even a large Fortress Yurt with real windows can be set up with a few friends in just a few days. Zoning varies for yurts in different areas. We have an engineer’s stamp on the Fortress Yurt design in case you need this. With the round shape and high ceilings in yurts, it is very comfortable and the space feels very nice. +Read More

Q:Can I run utilities into my yurt (how do I heat it)?

Yes. Water, electric, sewer, and gas will come up through the platform of the yurt. Combustion air and flue gas enter and exit through the wall. The optional stove kit is necessary. +Read More

Q:Is the platform included?

We provide the yurt – you provide the platform. Yurts of America does have site plans available for building your platform and installing your yurt. +Read More